When designing a website quite a few factors have to be considered, one is that the client has to like it regardless of what benefits one might consider the resulting design might have.

In some ways this is the toughest part of any website project. A website is designed to fulfill the needs of the client's business. It may be a brochure site promoting the company's services in which case the target market is what we should consider and what will get the customer getting in touch. An ecommerce site where, when it comes down to it, you're going to want people buying. The point is no matter how clever, different or potentially effective we think the design is if the client doesn't like it then it's a none starter.

Well I say that... 

Good design will often take you out of your comfort zone, just a little. Which means we will need to explain the thinking that went into the design and why we think the design is what you need. Ultimately if you're not happy with the design then we would rethink it, at no extra cost. It's important it's right for you and your business. But that does mean you have to be a little brave sometimes.

Cavespider, a little bit edgy

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