What would you prefer, a website that looked a bit like a lot of others or one that stood out as unique? One that was designed around you and your business. Ensuring your brand was key to the way the site looked and felt.

That's what we do, unique and bespoke websites. There is an increasing tendancy amongst some companies to buy a ready to go template, tweek it a bit and make it look like they built it. It saves the production company a lot of time, but they have probably billed you the same regardless. This is fine until you start spotting other websites that look rather like yours. If you're a lady you never want to be seen at party wearing the same dress as someone else now do you?

The next matter to consider is if a company has bought in the template do they know how it was put together? Do they have the know how to sort out the issues that might arise, quite possibly not.

Most CMS (Content Managed System) websites use a system of templates. These govern the way the website looks and works so it is important to get these right. We also need to consider how you will work with it.

We make the site fit you and not try and get you to fit the site.