you can manage your website yourself

Edit articles, blog, photo galleries, up to you

Nearly every site we build uses what is called a CMS, or a Content managed system. This means you can log into your own website and make changes, add new content, upload photos and much more.

Even if you don't consider yourself to be technically minded we will teach you to use this easy to use system. We can even configure it to only offer you the bits you want to work with so you are not given lots of options that are not relevant to what you want to do.

In the past when we created websites they were created on a page by page basis. Everything was contained in that one page. Now when we create a 'page' that is actually a combination of many elements, including your article. These elements can be used in all sorts of ways on multiple pages and in multiple ways.

When you login you can decide what should appear where and even when. Articles can be set to go live on a given date and go offline on another.

There is so much you can do with this type of system and if we find something you want it doesn't offer there is a good chance we can develop a way it can.

There's is a lot it allows you to do so here are a few highlights:

  • Edit articles and content 
  • Create new content
  • Run a blog
  • Manage assets, videos, photos, pdf's etc
  • Upload pictures via the website admin, often drag and drop
  • Manage galleries
  • Manage links
  • Run a database of enquiries or contacts
  • And a great deal more

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