You are in the middle of important negotiations and you are not getting your emails! Your website is down and you're expecting a new prospect to check it out! So who do you call?

It rather depends on who hosts or manages your email and your website, or who looks after your PC, Mac pad or whatever, maybe your ISP. Bit of a problem and as you shouldn't be expected to be the expert in this you need someone who, if not actually sort out the problem, will be able to identify who can.

At Cavespider we have been doing this a long time. In a vast majority of cases we can solve most issues over the phone or remotely by using a secure software link to your computer. If we manage your email on one of our servers or via Outlook 365 we can sort it out. If you're with Googlemail or similar I'm afraid you're in the rather remote hands of Google. Though if it's a problem with your connection, desktop or such like then we can help, even if we need to put you in touch with one of our partners, we will do our best to ensure you get back up and running.

So when we offer a support agreement we actually support you or find a way to get you sorted out. That is, in our terms of reference, support. An email or phone call and we're on the case.

Cavespider, support means support

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