The question to ask is why would someone come back to your website? So the easiest way to look at this is to put yourself in the users place.

So there you are browsing the internet looking for a dry cleaners to take your duvet to. Fictional non sexist scenerio here. You have scanned through the first three pages of Google results. You soon spot the likely contenders. Qualifying points, local, good professional looking website, oh, and you found them within the first three pages of Google. So now you've found a selection that qualify, which site do you go back to? Probably the most local or the cheapest. But there is more to this, remember, you're in your customers place, what impression are you making?

Does the website have the basics, About us, Contact, home and so on... a bit boring but has to be covered. What would you think if the site provided tips on removing stains or advice on how to wash specific fabrics? You'd probably want to read up this and then you'd likely think, hey these guys know their stuff, I'll check them out.

As the website owner you can't stop with a couple of pages of FAQs, ideally you should be adding to your site on a frequent basis with new and current information, news about your service or products, issues that might be of interest, special offers or whatever it takes to get the interest of your customers.

Ok, I can't resist, the shop window analogy. If you walked to work down the same high street every morning glancing in the shop windows as you went it would probably be mostly same old, same old. But you soon notice the one window that has been changed, has something interesting and new in it. You would probably stop and take a more careful look...

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