For some it might be £300, for others it could be £millions. So the right price is what is right for you.

The number of times I have been asked "how much for a website?" with few other clues is, well, a lot. A bit like going to house builder and asking him "how much for a house?". Rather depends on whether you were looking for a mansion or a maisonette.


We create websites designed and built around you and your business needs, we don't pretend to be cheap, but then we do know local competitors that would charge many times more than us for a very similar product. So how much? Well our prices start from £1,600 which includes a bespoke, CMS website. Bespoke means we haven't used an off the shelf template or theme. We will create one for you that is just yours, it won't be used by anyone else. The CMS (content management system) will probably be Joomla! but if your website needs some else because of what it needs to achieve then there are many other options, WordPress really isn't the only choice.

For a lot of businesses the £1,600 price will cover what you need. Once agreed that is the price you will be charged. Yes there are extras such as hosting. If you have your own appropriate hosting then we're happy to use that. If there are extra third party services or resources you want, maybe a copywriter or a photographer. We can build that into the budget or you can arrange for these yourselves. It's up to you.

I hate it when the bill comes as a surprise at the end of a project so I wouldn't want to do that to anyone else. You will know the price before we start.

Cavespider, we work for you

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