HTTPS Secure
How thoughtful of Google to want everybody feeling secure. Now urls with HTTPS, rather than http, in front of their domain name will be favoured on the searches. So should you do it?

Writers block

The biggest hold up on just about any website is the content. Assuming the business owners are experts in what they do, then they are the best people to create the content for the website.

Working together

Designing and building a website, assuming you're doing more than installing a theme on WordPress, takes thought and planning from the design to final snagging.


Many hosting packages now seem to feature unlimited bandwith. First do you know what it means and second how honest are they being.

The future

For that matter do you know what your future website needs will be? Nor can I, but it's worth thinking about.


Shock,  surprise, horror your emails are not secure, not even particularly private. A lot of people have legitimate access to your emails.


A good designer will have the visual sense that can be applied to almost any medium. A really good designer will know the full potential of that medium.


Maybe I should clarify, I'm not talking about the process of getting married but about getting engaged in Social Media. I mean in the business sense...

Hosting Security

Most don't really think about their website hosting as long as it works. Many don't really understand what hosting really is.

Template clones

So often when talking about a new website I am asked what sort of templates I use. The answer is I don't and I now know why.

First web server

25 years ago Tim Berners Lee made the World Wide Web public. 23 years ago Cavespider started creating websites.

shop window

Assuming we're talking about your business website, it is the first impression a large proportion, if not a majority, of your new clients will get of your company.

Gloss Paint

Using gloss paint can be tricky, some decorators even suggest it's a skill of it's own. Maybe that's why so few will use it preferring silk paint because it's easier.

shop window
Assuming we're talking about your business website it is the first impression a large proportion, if not a majority, of your new clients will get of your company.

CSS code

It seems that all that a lot of  so called 'website developers' have mastered is how to install a template into Wordpress.

Kid with megaphone

I'm not sure size is everything but I do know keeping it regular makes a big difference.

Shiny and new

There comes a time when the old website is looking a bit old and tired and you want a nice new shiny one. Somethings to keep in mind though...


There appears to be a growing practice of attempting to tie a client in whether it's by business or technical means. I hate being trapped and so should you.


You are probably not an expert in website development. If you were you wouldn't be hiring a website developer I suspect.


What ever you do you'll know that feeling when something just works out right. You look at it and feel justifiably smug.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation is really difficult, or so some companies would like you to believe. In fact with a little effort it really isn't.

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