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I was speaking to a company that had been referred to me yesterday. They were not happy with their website. Not a new issue as you can imagine...

This was not a company that had lots of spare cash to chuck around but they were concerned that their comparatively new website really wasn't doing it for them. They were trying to make the decision as to whether they should invest the cash they had into a new website or put it towards a new building they desperately needed.

I'm not going to start giving anyone business advice but, after taking a look at their website, I was able to tell them that in principle they didn't need a whole new website. Yes, the one they had did need work to get it performing better and there was a lot they could do that wouldn't cost them a penny though it would need a little of their time.

Can you imagine a Sofa company suggesting you didn't need a new sofa and there was nothing wrong with the one you had? I always try and find the right solution even if it doesn't make the greatest profit for my company in the short term. I like to treat others the way I would like to be treated.

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