So who was keeping an eye on your website while you took a break? You were enjoying the break as you should.

I have heard it said that 'as long as it's up and running during the week I'm happy'. That is rubbish of course as many people, some of whom may well become your clients, only have the time to browse at the weekend. What ever, your website needs to be up and running absolutely full time, 100%.

Now we don't actually have people watching every website we manage every minute of the day... just in case. We could, but I suspect you wouldn't like the cost implications. So we have completly automated systems in place that should anything untoward happen on our servers we get an immediate notification which we will act on.

Though we don't offer support out of hours if there is a problem that stops your emails or is effecting your website you can email us and it will get with.

Cavespider, your covered

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Mobile:‬ 07703 564636

Telephone:‬ 01932 506408

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