If you have an idea or want done something in a particular way, ask. The chances are the answer will be yes.

Firstly that is the sort of project we love, something different a bit more challenging and definitely not routine. If it's something we haven't done before even better. It means we get to find out even more solutions that can often be applied to all sorts of other projects.

For some things, like most website developers, we rely on readily available code that can be found online. Sometimes these are found as extensions for the CMS (content management system) we're using or, what are sometimes called snippets, chunks of code we can utilise to make something work in a particular way. There is no point in reinventing the wheel and wasting time and your money.

As often mentioned before we specialise in 'bespoke' websites. So if we do use an extension/widget it often has to be modified to fit in with the design and functionality we have intended. The result needs to be completely integrated into the site we're creating and not look like some sort of add on.

Sometimes we are given a requirement that there simply isn't anything out there that will serve. That's when we get our heads down and and work out how to make it happen. Sometimes the requirement seem, on the surface, simple. We were recently asked to add a real time tracking map onto the Tesla Motors website. This was an event that involved driving a Tesla car from John O'Groats to Lands End. Using the GPS of the drivers smart phone we could track them and show the result on a Google Map in real time. The map also showed the charge points on route as well as other information.

Have you ever though how the delivery charges on a shopping site are worked out, especially when multiple items are involved? Most ecommerce websites simplify this into a total of the weight involved or they add a nominal delivery value to each item which are then added up in the shopping cart. Wouldn't it be better if you could have a system where the combination of items could be priced, after all they may well end up in the same box. Some items may not way much but are large and awkward to pack, how would a weight calculation allow for that? Many items naturally get ordered together, how about pricing the delivery cost based on the combination. Often the headline delivery cost puts customers off, so this would allow you to reduce the cost past on to your customer.

There is of course plenty of other examples. The point is we love looking and finding the solutions.

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