One is hearing a lot in the news about websites and data being hacked. What this goes to show is that it is almost impossible to be completely, 100%, secure.

But that shouldn't stop you doing everything you can to keep your website secure as possible. Most modern websites, even WordPress sites, are very complex by their nature. After all you, as businesses, want them to do more and more. This complexity is what can make them vulnerable. The teams that develop and maintain these systems work really hard to develop fixes and patches to fend of the latest forms of attack and protect your website.


This is good news, but completely wasted if you don't install the updates as soon as they are available. There as been no shortage of people with older websites that have not been maintained and updated that have suffered. They call us asking what they can do. The answer depends on the circumstances and the type of attack. If it's the equivalent of a graffiti tag, a sort of 'I woz here' type then we can probably sort it out, but there is every chance it could be a lot worse.

We offer all our customers a support and maintanance agreement where we take on the job of ensuring the website software is kept right up to date. You can find out more here. Though we can't guarantee the security of any website we'll massively reduce the chances of it being compromised (a nice word for hacked).

Yesterday Joomla released a security patch to protect against a recent serious series of attacks. All the websites under our care have been updated, has yours?

Cavespider, staying safe

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