Being different is not easy. It is much easier to follow what everyone else is doing. Do you ask why they do it 'that' way?

Yesterday I had a conversation with a client who asked about why this website was designed as it was and what was the thinking behind it. This was accompanied by a compliment.

A lot of my colleagues in this business like to try and stick all of their services, packages and offerings on the home page. This often results in a very full home page with too much going on, or at least in my opinion. Quite frankly I would move on to the next site after having been totally bewildered by so much stuff.

Cavespider provide one service, we create websites, simple. Yes there is a lot of other stuff that surrounds that one service. But that is where the focus is and that is what I hope this website conveys.

We like to keep things clear and uncluttered alllowing the user to focus on the important elements on your website. So even if you do have a lot to offer we can find a way of letting your customers explore and discover without sticking it in their face.

I have always strongly believed in the 'KISS' principle, Keep It Simple Stupid.

Cavespider creates websites

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