How good are you at communicating what you do with those not in your profession?

Must of us are pretty terrible at it. Whether you're a builder, a hairdresser, a lawyer, a IT specialist or whatever your profession will have a whole language that is almost exclusively theirs.

The problem arises when we need to communicate with our clients. How do you do that without appearing to be patronising? It isn't easy, some have mastered it others struggle.

Most websites are intended to communicate with a target audience. In the case of maybe an IT support company this could be small businesses or domestic clients whose IT knowledge may be limited, that's why they're going to the specialist after all.

So many IT websites fly straight over the heads of the average IT user. One can see the temptation, you want to look like you really know what you're talking about. You end up using all sorts of trade lingo. It looks great to others in your industry, but they are not your intended clients.

We have an excellent translator of lingo, Maggi Smith. She will go through what you want to say and rewrite it in a way that will communicate effectively with your target audience, your clients.

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