You have a nice website, email and everything else. But your password has stopped working. You call the web guys and no one answers. They don't even reply to their emails, aaarrrggghhh!!

 If what we hear from our new customers is right this happens quite a lot. When we take on a website project and hosting it is a long term commitment. When you call us there will be somebody to talk to. Ok, you might get a voicemail occasionally, but someone will call you back shortly. Unlike some people who build websites this is our full time business. Not something we do when we have a bit of spare time as a hobby.

A surprising number of our new customers have previously been let down by their supplier going AWOL. It isn't a small issue when your business relies on emails and your website. You can't get or send your emails and you can't get hold of anyone to sort it out. You need someone reliable, who will be there when you need them. We have quite good at sorting out problems like that.

If your webman has turned into a ghost, then talk to us.

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