Most don't really think about their website hosting as long as it works. Many don't really understand what hosting really is.

So what is hosting?

In it's simplest form your website is on a computer, much like you might use for work. The difference is it is connected to the internet on very fast connections with loads of capacity. If you tried to host your website on your work computer it may well work, but it would be very slow and connections to it probably patchy at best.

The other factor is the attention your website will attract. You want your website to be out there with lots of visitors and links from other websites. In the process however it will get the attention of the sorts of visitors you probably don't want. They want to try and break your website or use it for their own purposes. This is where the security of the hosting is so important.

If you use a low cost, even 'free' hosting from one of the many large hosting companies your website will be sharing a computer, 'server', with possibly hundreds of other websites. This is how the costs are kept down. The security the hosting company provide is fairly basic and it is up to you to ensure your website is as secure as it can be. Sadly if another website that shares your server is attacked it could well bring your website down with it. Your cheap hosting could well end up being very expensive.

We have partnered up with Netprecept hosting to provide some of the most secure hosting in the country, yes it is UK based. Everything is constantly monitored 24/7 so any attack that looks like it might effect your website's performance is fended off. Fortunately most of this is completely automated as there can be millions of attacks a day in Britain.

Cheap hosting is rarely a saving


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