Do you actually use your website? A website isn't like a brochure, once designed and printed you just hand it out. 

A website allows you to interact and respond to your market. Unlike a brochure you can update it, on the simplist level add product or service news. Allow users to comment or add feeds from your Social media activity. You could add news feeds. This is a relatively easy way to keep your content up to date with industry news for instance. It's a bit old fashioned but still effective. You subscribe to a website that provides the feed. Each time they update their information it is added to your website. You could even set up some of your pages as a news feed and allow others to feed from your information.

There is a lot you can do use your website as a dynamic way to communicate with your clients. So after you spent all that money getting your website in the first place, now you need to start using it and making it work.

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