The question is more likley, 'is my website out of date?'. If it's more than six months old maybe. But that is no reason to worry, really.

First of all is it doing it's job; i.e. getting you business? If it isn't then it may well be time to look at why not. The answer to that is a bit more involved and probably extends beyond just how the website looks. I have to ask as so many business don't do it. When you get a new enquiry do you ask how they found out about you? Next, do you keep a record of the answer? If you don't ask then how do you know how well your website is performing. We can look at the stats, see how many are visiting your website, what they do on your website. Maybe they filled in the contact form, great. But there is a good chance they just picked up the phone. So, did they see the website, check the telephone number and call, or did a mate tell them about you because they saw your website? Working out the effectiveness of your website is far from straightfoward.

Having your website look smart, contemporary and standing out from the crowd is definitely going to help. We also have to tick quite a few other boxes as well, primarily to do on how well the site will do on searches. Do a general search that might involve the business you're in, you'd be surprised at how some dreadfull looking websites perform on Google. Doing well there is one factor, once you get the visitor on your website are they going to get in touch with you?

Cavespider would be more than happy to take a look at your website and have a discussion with you, it's really is quite possible that it's doing fine and nothing needs to be done. Either way, the consultation is free.

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