I had an interesting meeting with a client yesterday who was starting a new business. It was, in the main going to be an online business.

When starting a business cash is a real issue. I know that as much as anyone. But, when you a planning a business you generally plan on the cash flow you anticipate the business will create, please do correct me if I'm wrong. So it's especially difficult to find the money at the outset to invest in the essentials like for instance a website. Especially if it's what is primarily an online business. 


As I said, we get this. The answer is don't try and do everything at the outset. We can help you decide what you need to get started. Then as the cash flow gets rolling we can build on what you have. The structure and design of all our websites is with that in mind, it has to allow you to grow. 

Cavespider, thinking the obvious

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