You know you want or need a website, do you have an image in your head what this site might look like? Easier might be to ask what other websites do you like?

Whenever we meet a new client to discuss their website we have to do a bit of mind reading. It generally doesn't involve crystal balls, palms, cards or even blindfolds. It does however involve a process of discovery.

Apart from working out the intended or actual market for this business we also need to produce something that our client likes. This, especially with smaller businesses, is a major factor. Larger concerns tend to look at these things rather more dispassionately and look to how the website might perform in their target sector. As a majority, certainly not all, our clients fall into the former type we do need to consider the tastes of the client. As this is rarely quantifiable this is the area where the mind reading comes in.

We ask questions we hope will reveal something of their tastes and wants. So easy stuff such as what sort of clients do they like as opposed to which clients do they want. We ask for features of other websites they like, not because we going to copy them but because it is an excellent guide to the sort of thing they are after. Our aim is to create something that is unique and contemporary. As I have mentioned before human nature tends to go for the familiar. We are going to produce something that probably won't be familiar but will take them slightly out of their comfort zone and more to the point stand out on the internet so that it gets attention. So to get something the client likes and get the result everyone wants takes a little work on both sides.

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