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I have recently been assisting a large UK Government department, whom I have worked for on and off since the 90's. They contacted me because they haven't got any tracking data for the website they had developed.

This is not the fault of the developers, which isn't myself. Rather it's the SEO Digital Marketing Agency that the contracted. It appears that they haven't done a lot and it and didn't even know there was a problem. I have no idea what this agency is being paid for their services, but I would suggest this needs to be reviewed.

Which brings me to my point; I have been developing websites since 1994 and I have yet to deal with an SEO or Digital marketing agency who is worth what they generally charge. In fact I would go further to say in many cases they are running a scam.

When your customer doesn't understand what you do or how you do it it is easy to get away with jargon or bamboozlement. Send out a monthly report generated by Google and await your payment. For some companies this is almost an addiction, fearing that if they stop paying they will plummet on the Google Rankings, it's almost blackmail.

The people you should talk to are the developers of your website. They are, or should be, best placed to put in place all the tools to make your website succeed as well as advise you on what will help your website suceed. If you want to involve a marketing agency go for one that provides a holistic solution for your company. That would include the likes of your branding, your print media as well as your digital presence.

No apologies for my cynicism, I have seen too many of my clients pay £1,000s to these companies for little or no benefit. Let me add, somewhere out there I would hope there was an honest Digital Marketing company that offered a genuine service.


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