I wish I could say that your new website will instantly bring you tonnes of business without any further input from you. It won't.

There used to be a time, back in the naughties when websites were quite a novel thing. Having a good one was even more novel and attracted quite a decent amount of attention. Things have changed, now nearly every business has a website and many are quite good. But that is no longer enough.


What do you need to do? Your website needs to be seen to be active with new stuff appearing, be it special offers, news, events or whatever. Not only will it get the attention of your viewers but Google loves to see stuff happening, and you'll be rewarded for it.

Next, you will need to use social media, there is no way to really avoid it. First your website has to invite users to share it on Twitter, Facebook and such. Look below, please feel free to share this page. You then need to build your social media presence in the form of friends, followers, likes etc etc and start to encourage people to discover your website and what you have to offer.

Ideally you should be interacting with this stuff on a daily basis. If you haven't the time or the inclination then you can employ specialists, good ones don't generally come cheap but they can have quite an impact on your website and your business.

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