There are loads of cool website builders out there. You can sign up and you could have a fully functioning website by the end of the day. So why would I want to hire a website designer to do it for me?

Fair question really, a bit like why hire a solicitor to do your divorce when you can download all the paperwork off the internet? Could save you loads, though will probably end up being very expensive.

The answer is experience, there's more of course, but it does eventually come down to experience. It is what you are paying for after all. Experience tells us what will work, and what won't. Experience is what will give you the edge on the internet. Something that is essential on such a competetive platform. 

So, please, feel free to go do it yourself. But if you are looking for success on the internet you might want some experience on your side. 

The other bonuses are would be getting a result that stands out from the crowd. Strangley this becomes increasingly easier as so many are tempted by the same old look, over and over. It's an easy one to fall into and it takes a designer to pull you out of it.

So, DIY runs the risk of drowning in a sea of sameness or getting it done properly and really standing out.

Cavespider, doing it properly


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