It rather depends on what you mean by cheap. Our bespoke websites are definitley not expensive, in fact they are a very cost effective solution to getting a properly branded online solution for your business.

A lot of thought has been given as to whether we should offer the 'low cost' solutions that so many, apparent, web developers are now offering. In some cases their 'low cost' solution has cost quite a lot more than our bespoke websites would have done. 

What's the difference?

When we create a bespoke website we design it to your approval. We then build the templates that your website will be based on. We build in all the functionality you need. You'll end up with a website that is unique to your business and reflects your brand precisely. You'll also have the potential to expand and update your website as you wish in the future.

The 'low cost' solution generally consists of a ready made template. You may be offered a couple of choices. The template will then have some settings that can modify the look, to a limited degree. Most of these templates come with a selection of functions that can be set up, it is sometimes possible to add others, this may depend on the ability of your developer. In the future you will probably find expanding or adding to your website may be severely limited by the template, you could well find yourself starting again.

We like our clients and we would like them to be our clients long into the future. So to provide what might well be a short term solution isn't what we see as a way of getting long term clients.

Cavespider, looking after our clients long into the future

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