How are we going to communicate with you our design ideas for your website? We create a visual...

But first, after discussing your needs we plan out the website, what goes where and how everything links up. How the various elements will be displayed, in principle how your website will function.

It is then we think about the design or the look and feel of the pages. Quite often this starts with literally pen and paper. A design is worked up and a visual is created. This is generally an image that will show you how the website will look. I should had this is just an image and won't respond the way the final web page will. Depending on the project it may not be a detailed visual of every page. Modern websites are dynamic so the content of each page will change so we would need to illustrate how any content would be displayed, what ever it is.

We would go over the visual with you to make sure you were happy with what you saw. This is the opportunity to make changes to the design if need be.

The next step is building the templates, which is another story.

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