You wouldn't be impressed if the cabinet maker you hired produced something you could have got in Ikea. This is, in effect, what a lot of web companies are doing.

We don't, you come to us because you need a website designed for you. Not the equivalent of a flat pack wardrobe that doesn't quite fit that space. We build a website that will exactly fit your needs. It is after all built around your instructions and brand. We are website developers, creating websites. It is important to us and even more important to you that what we create for you is right, not a compromise.

Don't let me stop you getting a Wordpress site and buying a theme and a bunch of widgets. That is certainly an option but you'll always end up compromising your online needs to the limitations of whatever theme you invested in. I won't mention the long term issues here, needless to say it could get expensive.

Cavespider, no compromises

PS, ever wondered why these blogs are so short? Most messages can be communicated in three paragraphs or less. Would you want to read more for the sake of it?

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