When we started creating websites in 1994 the Netscape Navigator browser was king. So what happened to it?.

Netscape Navigator was truly one of the inspirations for what we have now. They are acredited with the development of  JavaScript, most websites use this extensively now. Also they developed the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol which keeps your online communications secure. 

So what did happen to them. In 1999 it was acquired by AOL before the Netscape source code was released. And a bit like dinosaurs turning into birds, or foxes in this case the birth of Mozilla and the Firefox browser. Apparently the Netscape brand is now being used for an internet service provider.

AOL did offer a browser of their own at the time but it limited access to their own networks and required you to login before it could be used. Netscape was probably the first internet browser to give you truly open access to the internet.

Next, Yahoo!

Reference: Wikipedia, my memory

NetscapeCavespider, being all nostalgic

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