With the plethora of non technical people providing web site services who is actually providing the technical support when things don't go quite as intended?

Creating a basic theme based website is pretty straight forward. In reality most people could do it themselves. Upload a logo, a few pictures and write what you want to say and you're done, well in principle anyway.

A lot of small companies such as designers and printers are getting into this as a low cost way of providing their clients with a website. I expect this is very much a response to the decline of the print side of the business. You can't blame anyone for wanting to diversify in the circumstances.

So building the quick and easy website solution is fine, but it has to be hosted on a server. It probably needs to be installed and databases set up.  What about the email set up, traffic or bandwidth issues, how about helping you get your computer set up to get the emails. What about when things go wrong... Providing a website does not stop there, there is a whole environment of technical issues that they should be aware of and prepared to deal with when needed.

Many of these new entrants into the website business have little or no technical internet experience at all, yet they are offering technical support! When they get stuck, which they do, they call around to find someone that can help.

Is that really the kind of technical support you want?

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