Should you join the dawn chorus or the lunchtime rush? Bitly, the url shortening service, has published results showing the click through traffic.


It shows that the best time to tweet is between 9am and 3pm Monday to Thursday. Forget Friday afternoons and quite frankly not a lot happens on the weekends either, especially if you are tweeting for business.

twitter peaks

This chart is a record of click throughs, the number of people actually clicking on a link you have put in your tweet. Useful to know if this is what you are after. If on the other hand you are interested in more people seeing a none linked tweet the amount of twitter traffic climbs in the evening.

Ok, this is starting to look a mess so you do need to decide what you are tweeting for. Personal where you want to most people to see your tweet and retweet it or business where you want the most click throughs, the chart above.

tweet times

I'm not going into the analysis here but the best artice on the matter I found was by the Huffington Post where the study seperates business to business and the Social traffic. 

You need to know this if you rely on this for business.


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