It's summer, no one answers the phone when you call. People are always away from their desks and there is a pile of auto responses in your inbox.

It is that time of year, Summer. There is absolutely no point in fighting it. Maybe we should do what the French do and all go away at the same time. No, not a serious suggestion, we don't want a British version of black Friday.


So, what does your business do during this quiet time? I can make an excellent suggestion, it's time to review your website. While sitting there frustrated at the lack of response from your colleagues focus instead on bringing your website right up to date. After all when was the last time you looked at your website?

If you need a hand and some free pointers get in touch. We'll happily take a look at your website and discuss with you what needs attention. At the risk of repeating myself, we'll do the advice bit for free. I promise it won't be a hard sell number but genuine professional advice. You can take the advice anywhere you want, that is up to you.

Next thing to do is get in touch 

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