Is it a case you have to be a shark to survive in a tank full of sharks? As a website developer I have to work with all sorts of different specialists and the result is a working team that produces the brilliant results our clients appreciate.

So why is it the one specialism, Search Engine Optimisation, is it so hard to find a specialist who is prepared to work as part of a development team in a professional and trustworthy manner?

In most aspects of what we do we are working with absolutes, if you set a colour to be red, it will be red. We know what we're doing and what the results will be. SEO is not quite so straight forward as the prime internet search facility is Google. So do well with Google and the rest should fall into place. The thing is nobody really knows the rules, and what rules we can work out seem to change just when you thought you had it sussed. So SEO becomes a sort of religion and those that practice in this trade are a sort of priest in that religion. Often spouting stuff that requires more in faith, and deep pockets, than in actual knowledge.

So back to the question, why aren't these specialists team players? Often the exact opposite where they will manoeuvre and advise in a manner that ensures they get every advantage from the project generally at the expense of others on the same team and, worst of all, the project.

I'm sorry guys, but the SEO business, or Digital Marketing Agencies as they often now call themselves, are in serious need of a massive dose of business ethics.

If you're one of the good guys that I could trust with my clients I would love to hear from you.

I would like to add that most achieve rather less than promised and often not as much as the application of common sense. But like every rule there are exceptions.


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