What do we offer this is different from what other web site companies offer? It is that we create bespoke websites. To me that sounds weird. As every company offering a website service should be doing that. But I fear that is increasingly not the case.

There are quite a few 'website developers' out there who are, quite frankly anything but. They use a CMS (content management sytem) such as WordPress. Search for an off-the-shelf template that is a best fit as far as they are concerned, add the logo, content and so on and hey presto, a website. They are not doing anything that you couldn't have done yourself. Should you ask for a detail in the design or functionality to be changed then your 'developer' may struggle to do it and will probably try and argue you out of it.

Cavespider have been building websites for almost as long as the term existed. So if you want something to look or work particular way, then we can do it. Your website is built around you, bespoke and unique.

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