A single employee's wages for a month, the price of a nice new desk, a new sign behind the reception, a new computer?

We charge from £1,600 for a website. In fact that is what it costs for most SME brochure style websites. You will already know how people look up your service/product and they are unlikely to have looked in a big fat directory, those days have gone. Ok, they may have found you through a contact or by networking. But a vast majority of your potential clients are going to be looking online. That means firstly your company needs to have online presence, which means a website. The website will probably be the first a potential client will see of your business, it needs to make an impression, the right impression.

We have all seen businesses that spend a fortune on the flashy reception, beautifully carpeted executive offices, extravagant boardroom tables. But strangely the budget they allow for their website would barely cover the cost of one of their office chairs. Their clients won't see any of the flash reception unless they are first impressed by the website. Think about it, then call us on 01932 504408 or use our online form.

Cavespider, helping you make the right impression

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