The biggest hold up on just about any website is the content. Assuming the business owners are experts in what they do, then they are the best people to create the content for the website.

We can design and create the website, make something that really catches the eye. The designs are done, templates are built and tested but we don't have the content. If there is a hold up in the production of the site it is nearly always due to content.

We are not experts in your business, so ultimately what is written on the website has to come from you. We can put you in touch with excellent copywriters who can sit with you and talk you through what you want to say and turn it into something really magical. Or photographers who can take you business or products and turn them into images that make you look really good.

In principle the content of the website should be settled before we start designing it, the design is content led. Unless we know what you're trying to say, we're only guessing as to how the design will work.

So when you're planning you next website, talk to us at the start, we'll put you in touch with the best people to support creating your content. You'll be amazed at the difference it can make to the design and production of your website.

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