The right price

I'm not off on some sort of nostalgia trip, promise. Cavespider prices start from around £1,600, so when I hear of businesses being charged £5,000 or a lot more for no more than a basic, often template based, website I can't help but wonder.


Does your website grab your visitors by the eyeballs and drag them in? If it doesn't maybe we can do something about that.


I had a lovely meeting with a client yesterday who pointed out how clean the design of our websites were.

Apple II

I've being running this business for very nearly thirty years. In fact thirty this coming January. I survived where many didn't by being adaptive.


You may not be a CocaCola or a Starbucks, even a M&S but you have a business and you should have a brand people can associate with.

The website package

Been thinking hard how to make this the best offer I can. Combing the elements of affordability, maximum service and looking to the long term future.

Social media

Post, engage, involve, no secret. It doesn't matter whether it's Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, the rules are much the same.


We are planning to offer completely bespoke websites from £200 per month 'all in'.

Keep it simple stupid

Have you ever heard the term 'Keep It Simple Stupid' or KISS? It is a term often used in engineering and technology for very good reason.

Black sheep

We don't really do the sheep thing. If anything we are the black sheep, at least as far as in being different.


There is no doubt that a website template can be handy if you need a quick low cost website, but is it going to cramp your style?

Who do you call?

You are in the middle of important negotiations and you are not getting your emails! Your website is down and you're expecting a new prospect to check it out! So who do you call?

The Doldrums

Who is driving your website project forward, you? Do you have time for that? I suspect not.

CMS systems

Would you prefer an experienced developer who knew how to achieve the right website for your business or someone who knew how to install a WordPress template?

Oil rig

It has recently transpired that Police camera recordings are being stored on a US server and thus outside the British data protection laws.

Engineless car

The answer is yes, because good SEO is built into the website. 

Clipper Around the World Race

We are now officially crew sponsors for the Clipper Around the World Race. How about that?

The price is right

For some it might be £300, for others it could be £millions. So the right price is what is right for you.

The Sun

It's summer, no one answers the phone when you call. People are always away from their desks and there is a pile of auto responses in your inbox.

New business

I had an interesting meeting with a client yesterday who was starting a new business. It was, in the main going to be an online business.

Terms and Conditions

Even if it isn't a legal requirement you would be wise to ensure your website included your business, and website, Terms and Conditions. So many businesses have not got proper T&Cs in place.

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