End of year accounts

It's that time of year when you realise belatedly that you need to do the accounts. The accountant is chasing and you have barely touched them. Does that sound like you?

Christmas is over

It's all over though it was good, now we have to pay the price with some serious catching up.

Black Friday

I have noted some extrodinary deals going for websites appearing in my inbox, 75% off! Off what is my question. If one compared Cavespider's prices to some I've heard quoted we could offer 95% off. How about that?


Most of our customers really aren't interested in the technical stuff, they just want their website to work. Not even bothered if we have used Joomla or Wordpress or whatever, as long as it does the job.


It doesn't sound too modest and it also makes us sound expensive. But the feedback we get has suggested that people's first impression is that they can't afford one of our websites. The truth is we're a fraction of the price some of our competitors are quoting.

No bull

Don't you get so exasperated when people tell you how wonderful they are. You then discover they aren't quite as wonderful as they claimed when you've signed on the dotted line.

Netscape Navigator

When we started creating websites in 1994 the Netscape Navigator browser was king. So what happened to it?.


A sanitation and waste disposal engineer, a garbage collector, a binman, recycling consultant, Waste disposal operative? 

First things first

A single employee's wages for a month, the price of a nice new desk, a new sign behind the reception, a new computer?


It rather depends on what you mean by cheap. Our bespoke websites are definitley not expensive, in fact they are a very cost effective solution to getting a properly branded online solution for your business.

10% off

It is scary how quickly Christmas comes around each year. All those things you hoped to achieve in the year and there it is again, Christmas.

Christmas party

Be honest, did you do anything you're a little embarrassed about at the company do? Isn't it funny how you seem to have forgotten everything except for that 'moment'.


On the to do list today is to deal with BT over getting a long forgotten domain transferred. Could be a couple of hours worth of call centre wrangling.


We don't just talk the talk, but we do actually walk the walk. Basically we do what we say we do for those that speak normal English.


Absolutely nothing. It has been noted by a colleague of mine that I appear to ranting against Wordpress. No such rant was intended.

Wally, Waldo

It comes up worryingly frequently that businesses simply cannot make contact with the person looking after their website.

Mind reader

You know you want or need a website, do you have an image in your head what this site might look like? Easier might be to ask what other websites do you like?

Magnifying glass

How do you know where your customers found you? Do you ask, maybe be use a form of tracking, have you thought about it?

Do you consider the importance of your Terms & conditions, what about your privacy policy? Are they both 'fit for purpose'?

Bag of apples

How do you compare the price of one website developer with another. The answer, you can't.


Recently the European Court of Justice ruled that the Safe Harbour Agreement was invalid. If you didn't know this was an agreement that allowed companies to share our data with the USA.

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