Stand out

Absolutely no doubt white websites can look really stylish, with care. They can also look like yet another default Wordpress template.


15 seconds, that is all you have to get the attention of a new visitor. So what does it take?


How are we going to communicate with you our design ideas for your website? We create a visual...


Recently 123-reg, a large hosting company, managed to wipe a lot of the servers and the websites hosted on them. Were you effected? If you were could you recover what you lost?

British Telecom

If you are a customer of BT you might have noticed a few problems with your internet connection on Tuesday. You were not alone as the issue was nationwide.

Your website needs you

I wish I could say that your new website will instantly bring you tonnes of business without any further input from you. It won't.

Old scroll

Every company should list its company registration number, place of registration and registered office address on its website. That's the law in the UK if you're a limited company.

Talking head

How good are you at communicating what you do with those not in your profession?


A GUI, sometimes said as 'gooey', is the 'Graphical User Interface'. How your website looks and interacts with your users.

Baked beans and caviar

Did you know that baked beans are full of goodies including fibre, zinc, potassium and folic acid. Though it is probably best to find sugar free ones.


An email link seems such a sensible idea, then people can click the link to send you an email. Actually, probably not such a brilliant idea.

The future

When discussing your new website do you ask, 'how long will this website last?'.


You have spent weeks, maybe months getting your brand new website live. It looked great at first but now you're spotting things that aren't quite right...

First impression

Every aspect of your website will effect the type of businesses and people it will appeal to. The impression it makes will depend on the perspective of the one seeing it.

Looking to the future

If you're using a theme for your website has it been updated recently, can you update it or are you stuck with what you've got?

Doll's paper dress

Templates or themes are often an effective and low cost way of getting your business website live. That isn't the problem...

Jack of all trades

Have you noticed how many web developers now call themselves digital marketing companies? What is the term... Jack of all trades, master of none.


There has been a lot in the news recently about big hacks and networks going down. What doesn't hit the news is when your small business website has been hacked yet again.


What do most businesses want their websites to do? Get more client enquiries. Seems a pretty simple concept.

Acoustic coupler

A bit of a nostalgia moment. The acoustic coupler was a way to connect your telephone to a data connection.

Be brave

When designing a website quite a few factors have to be considered, one is that the client has to like it regardless of what benefits one might consider the resulting design might have.

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