Ah, dead website syndrome. The answer is, wake it up!

Have you had those moments when you're looking for some on Google and there you are hunting through loads of lists and pages. There comes a moment when you ask yourself, 'what am I looking for?'.

Once upon a time people created websites then forgot all about them. Job done now lets get on with something else.

Keeping a blog on your website is not only trendy but has real benefits for your website. The blog can take many forms, you don't have to call it a blog. Ok, 'blog' is a shortening of weblog or website log.

It is generally excepted that you have up to 15 seconds to get the attention of your audience. So if your website is taking longer to load than 15 seconds it has failed before it has even started.

Do you know what a 'favicon' is, do you care? It's a little icon 32 pixels square. So design wise it has to be simple, you can't get much detail into 32 by 32 little squares.

We talk much about the freedom of the internet and how important it is to guard it. But in the process we can forget about the vulnerabilities of the printed media. There was a time when it was the authorities were the ones to fear, no longer generally the case in most of Europe and they certainly don't shoot people any more.

The increasing real concern is how extremist groups, whatever their issue, seem to think that shooting journalists, cartoonists and editors will somehow stop them writing about them. This, I think, reflects on the phsycology of the extremists thinking that threats of violence can fix anything. How mistaken can they be, they may have killed the individual but they can't kill the idea. Now so many more will be inspired and called to comment and write in support of their colleagues.

This is a dreadful time for those that died at Charlie Hebdo's and their families. Our thoughts are with them.

Je Suis Charlie

This man has had more influence one the way the world works than Abraham Lincoln, George Washington or even the iron lady herself, Margeret Thatcher. In fact I suspect if you could put all the world politicians together you still wouldn't achieve the effect this man has had. He invented the World Wide Web.

In Principle absolutely not. We have worked for companies around the globe having never met the client face to face.

We keep an eye on what searches are being used to find our website. The result is often fascinating and can be amusing. One of our top searches is 'website designing in surrey'. We have to admit this is not one we had targeted.

Whatever line of business you are in you quickly discover you can never rest with what you know. Technologies, techniques and just about everything moves on and sometimes at quite a worrying rate.

What do we offer this is different from what other web site companies offer? It is that we create bespoke websites. To me that sounds weird. As every company offering a website service should be doing that. But I fear that is increasingly not the case.

This all about a website displaying correctly on whatever device is being used to view it. Desktop, touch pad or smart phone, it could even be an e-reader.

The useability of the site is really even more important than how it looks. if the 'fat finger' that touch screen devices see can't reasonably select a link from a menu there is a problem.

Google statistics show a massive growth in the proportion of smartphone users, showing that the use of mobile users has now overtaken the use of desktop machines, Is your website up for this, most are not.

All our new websites are responsive, look good and work well on virtually any device. We are also now reviewing past projects to look to bring them up to date. No small task, there's a lot of them.

You're probably thinking 'in my dreams'. It is a real consideration and something that can happen for no apparent reason.

Have you heard that term 'Death by Powerpoint'?

You have probably been a victim. Before we started developing websites back in 1994 we were designing and producing business presentations. PowerPoint was fairly new and there were a whole range of other similar packages out there. Presentations were carefully planned and designed. If the feedback, if it's anything to go by, the resulting presentations generally made the right impression.

As things went increasingly digital it became easier for the average user to create their own presentations using the supplied design templates. There were no shortage of these templates but as is human nature just a small selection were ever used, generally from the default ones that came in the box. That combined with the lack of experienced input resulted in what we have today, 'Death by PowerPoint'.

Now we have the rise of WordPress which appears to be looking very much like the rise of PowerPoint, easily available, lots of templates, ability to do it all yourself. On the surface these should all be positives. But the same things are happening. There is a massive range of templates out there to choose from. But we are seeing that only a small selection are ever being used, human nature.

Even if you're not aware of it you will generally choose a design you are familiar with.

The result is an awful lot of websites that look rather familiar.

Notes from Cavespider

If a website is for your business then remember, it is often the first someone will see of your business. It needs to stand out and make an impression, not be just another WordPress website.

If you don't have the budget for a professionally developed website and are forced to use an 'Off the shelf' template then find one that is different. Try to avoid the familiar and be a little adventurous.

Finally, if you do choose to have your website built professionally find out whether they will be using a template to base your website on, many do and just don't tell you. We never use ready made templates.


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