How much?

I was doing a proposal the other day for a potential new client. If you have never done this then you won't know what a challenge it can be.

Telephone menu maze

Ever played that game where you phone a large company and get a load of options, the game is to select the option that leads to a human being. You lose if you get referred to a website, another telephone number or an automated system of some kind.

Rabbit in headlights

Ever been faced with a big job and found yourself wide eyed and staring into the oncoming headlights? If you are part of a big company then you don't get this experience. As a small business it's a different matter.

Brand familiarity

Branding your website should be rather more than sticking your logo in the top left corner. I'm not one for all the designer brand guru type talk but there are some rules you should try to follow.

Google ranking

So you got all your key words sorted out, your browser titles are good. You have spent hours on your metatags and your H1 headings, so why aren't you on page 1 of Google?

Show Window

The question to ask is why would someone come back to your website? So the easiest way to look at this is to put yourself in the users place.

Oscar winning

All those amazing people who won Oscars last night have one thing in common. They stood out from the crowd.


Is it a case you have to be a shark to survive in a tank full of sharks? As a website developer I have to work with all sorts of different specialists and the result is a working team that produces the brilliant results our clients appreciate.

Magnifying Glass

I went to a BNI networking event last night run by Sutton BNI. Good do, well done guys. The question I got asked a lot was "how can I get more people to find my website?"

How long will my website take?

It should be possible to give a definitive answer to this question. It would be if we have everything we need including Carte Blanche at the outset of the project.

Andy Warhol said "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes". That evolved to everyone would get their 15 minutes of fame. In the world of the wide web you've got 15 seconds to work with.

In Person

We are human beings and it is only natural that we like to meet person to person, face to face. I can't argue with that as there is so much non-verbal communication that goes on that just can't be exchanged by other means.

If you are designing and building websites day in day out then, trust me, you want the best display you can afford. But this can be where the problems start.


Are you bored with your website? You probably look at it every day and wonder what you are going to do with it.

With the release of Fifty Shades of Grey you may think this is another form of sexual adventure. Sadly it is a rather boring subject, but rather important.


Have you noticed how many folk there are out there that are absolute experts? Experts at talking that is anyway.

It's not uncommon for a website to unexpectedly hit the news or be tweeted by someone with a million followers. It happens far more frquently than you might think.

Creating content

Many web designers will have heard that request, 'can you just make me a website'. Seems simple enough I supppose. Except that some idea of what is going into the website can be handy.

Modern Content Management Systems are brilliant allowing you to redesign, rebuild your website without having to redo the content, unless...

Rescaling pictures

Pictures in websites are great and often make a page. There is an increasing trend to have a high resolution picture filling the frame. Looks brilliant. But care is needed.

Should you join the dawn chorus or the lunchtime rush? Bitly, the url shortening service, has published results showing the click through traffic.

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