Working in Surrey

I occasionally have to visit London for meetings and it serves to remind me just how good not being in London is. So why do people rave about it?

Card hand

There are certain professions and trades that seem to think they have a blank cheque when you sign them up. They do a load of work for you; you have no idea what it will cost until you get the bill...


Getting a customer is tough enough, keeping them maybe even tougher. So why do so many businesses stop once they have you?

Mobile friendly

If your website is not mobile friendly it may stop appearing on searches made on mobile devices. That is according to the new rules set by Google last week.

General Election 2015

As a resident in a Conservative safe seat something is pretty obvious. None of the other parliamentary candidates seem to be bothering to even try and get their message out there.

Family tree

What I love about what I do is finding different ways to solve a problem. Sometimes thinking out of the box really can be fun.

Social Media Marketing

Social media, the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many many more. Are you scared to go there or just don't think you have the time?


I go to quite a few meetings where the potential client asks what should their new website do. Well we are, of course, happy to discuss ideas and suggest ways of doing things.


Have you found a website that offers very cheap, even free domain names? Trust me, it will cost you one way or another.

Website hacking

Websites are attacked or 'compromised' more and more. As the sites get smarter there are more opportunities to get into them.

Back to work

It had to happen, Monday evening finally arrived followed inevitably by Tuesday morning. But, at the risk of being smug, I love my work and can't wait to be sat down in front of my computer working on a new project.

Lanquishing bear

Do you actually use your website? A website isn't like a brochure, once designed and printed you just hand it out. 

Interesting, useful or funny

What gets people to your website? Have you given it any thought? I've suggested three things I think are the prime ones. You don't have to agree with me.

Google mobile

Is your website mobile friendly? If it isn't it is going to seriously suffer on Google from the 21st April 2015 when Mobile friendly sites will be prioritised  on mobile searches.

Car Wash

The answer is yes, sorry, what was the question? The answer is definitely yes if you're running a business, charity or other organisation.

Back to the Future

Does it look a little dog eared and tatty? Isn't it strange how a website that looked the bees knees when it was first created can look so rough a few years on.


Lots of companies say they offer excellent service then make it neigh on impossible to get in contact. I think service is about being there, contactable and responsive to your clients requirements and needs.


An increasingly fashionable word in Web development circles is 'Framework'. "Wow this system, theme, whatever uses wizzygeek framework." If you're a WordPress enthusiast I suspect you'll know what I'm referring to.


Have you ever spoken to a web developer and come away wondering if you speak the same language? Not helpful if there is something you want and don't seem to be able to communicate.


You have a nice website, email and everything else. But your password has stopped working. You call the web guys and no one answers. They don't even reply to their emails, aaarrrggghhh!!

Resizing your image

One of the most common difficulties that people have is adding images to the articles on their CMS, be it Wordpress, Joomla or whatever. It would be patronising of me to say it's easy. Not for everyone it isn't.

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