The Great Charter

The answer has to be yes. Though who gets to devise it? Should we have the right to access the internet, if so should we have the right to access anything we like on the internet?


Do you need to register with the Information Comissioners Office? If you're just holding the basic name and address information the chances are you probably don't. But it takes very little to put you over the line.


If you have an idea or want done something in a particular way, ask. The chances are the answer will be yes.


It is a truth that no matter what preparations you make disaster can still strike. Whether it be an act of god or something more human.

Stop Watch

Facebook recently reported an issue with loading new news items. It was taking over 6 seconds, by their reckoning they have lost you at 8 seconds.

Capability Brown

Did you go to the Chelsea Flower Show? Nor did I sadly. But what a wonderful selection of carefully planned and designed gardens.


Have you thought just how much control you are handing over to your web developer when you hire them. They'll have your passwords, access to your emails, your blogs, Facebook, Twitter accounts and who knows what else.

Carbon Footprint

Rumours suggest anything between the equivalent to boiling two kettles to switching a 60W light bulb on for 17 seconds. Either way, 1 billion daily searches adds up to a lot of energy.

First impression

Have you ever tried to build your own website using an online website builder? Happy with the result? If you were then your the first I know of. Please get in touch I would love to hear from you.

Mobile friendly

Probably, is the answer. Actually the answer is really yes, of course we can. But would it be cost effective? That is the more difficult question.

Jargon free

The World of the Internet has more than it's fair share of jargon. Though there are specific technical terms there is a lot more that is jargon for jargons sake.

Positive thinking

Have you just redecorated your office or reception? Maybe bought nice uniforms for your staff. Is this because you want to give the right impression when a client walks through the door?

Quality of content

It's a long time since search engines relied on your keywords and the number of links to rank you on their listings. Now they look at the quality and trustworthiness of your content.

The Professional

Recently someone commented on our websites, "how do you get them so clean looking?". This was someone attempting to build their own with a theme they had acquired.

Security guard

The technology behind a modern website is impressive. The days one could use a bit of HTML and a bit of Flash have long gone. Sadly this newish complexity has made some websites rather more vulnerable to hackers.

Instant satisfaction

What a ridiculous statement but one I have heard recently for some online print service. If you want to go pick a design from a selection of 100s ready mades available online then please be my guest.

Stamp on Wordpress

Imagine if you had hired a designer to do some new business cards and it turned out they had chosen a design from Vistaprint, then charged you their normal fee.

GMO Free

We don't use artificial preservatives or colouring either. Whether it makes sense or not you are now reading this. Not that I would go out of my way to use tabloid like headlines to get your attention.

Hal 9000

So who was keeping an eye on your website while you took a break? You were enjoying the break as you should.

Net Neutral

Net neutral is about equal and open access to all content without blocking or restriction. Some of the larger internet providers want to be able to charge extra for access or greater speeds to for connections to 'premium' websites. They also want to be able to limit access to video streaming sites such as YouTube, possibly even charge you extra for access to this kind of content.

Reinventing the wheel

I recently had a meeting with a client who expressed some concern over the bespoke CMS she thought I was intending to create for her. I intended to create a bespoke website, not a bespoke CMS.

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