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I did a presentation yesterday at the Trusted Referrals Group in Crawley. One of the comments I got was how visual my websites were.

Being different

I don't mean a fly either. Browsing the internet can be a less than inspiring occupation as websites look more and more alike.


Being different is not easy. It is much easier to follow what everyone else is doing. Do you ask why they do it 'that' way?

Duplicate book

Is finding a clever techy way to do something always the right solution? As a web developer the temptation is to say yes, you might think...

Morris Minor

Remember what cars were like in the fifties and sixties? If they went wrong you could lift the bonnet and you could fix most things with a spanner and a screwdriver.


If not you are far from alone and recent new acts which were supposed to help clarify things have done little to help.


"This guy did me a website overnight for £200". It may well end up costing you a lot more than that in lost business.

Website under construction

So you want a website, you know you need one. But what are you going to put in it?

Is your website sitting there, unloved, unlooked at? There are so many sites like that out there.

Data centre

Do you know who hosts your website? Do you care? It makes all the difference to how your website will perform.

Keep control over your domain name

It is where you keep your domain and it does not have to be the same place as your website or email. In fact, in my opinion it should never be.

IT support

With the plethora of non technical people providing web site services who is actually providing the technical support when things don't go quite as intended?

Flat pack furniture

You wouldn't be impressed if the cabinet maker you hired produced something you could have got in Ikea. This is, in effect, what a lot of web companies are doing.


Many of our clients are themselves designers. Even though we are very good at design ourselves, we are superb at applying a supplied design specification.

Gambling online

The answer is probably not but it has been asked. Getting involved in some sites can have wide ranging legal implications, never mind any ethical issues.


There are a lot of people that will build you a website very cheaply, you could even do it yourself on a web builder site. But is that really what you want?

Google wants more

Google do actually tell you a lot, though I'm certain not all. We use Googles' Webmasters tools to monitor a websites' performance.


Did you get one of those amazing storms over the last few days? We certainly did and anything connected to our phone line suffered for it. It could have been far worse...


When you ask a web developer to sort out your website, chances are that will be your email too. They will sort out your passwords and have access to your emails, so think hard before you hand over the keys?


In the last few months both Wordpress and Joomla have had a number of security updates. If you manage your website yourself did you know that keeping your CMS up to date is absolutely crucial?


In principle a lot of small business websites are very similar. Though the way this is presented can and should be very different. Every now and then a project comes along that requires something different...

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