We don't use artificial preservatives or colouring either. Whether it makes sense or not you are now reading this. Not that I would go out of my way to use tabloid like headlines to get your attention.

Sometimes you need to consider your website a bit like a shop window. A place to put your wares on show in a way that will get the passing shoppers' attention. Then they might stop, have a look and if done really well might even walk into the shop to find out more. Most websites are the same. People browse the internet often looking at stuff that they think might interest them. If the page they land on is yours then you hope it will get their attention and they will explore further. You never know they may even get in touch.

So it follows that the website has to be able to get the attention of your target market. Unlike the shop window analogy where the passer by will see the one shop window every page in your website is potentially your shop window. Though most will land on the home page a good proportion will land elsewhere in your website. So, unlike some cathedrals where there is an impressive frontage and the rest of the structure is a bit warehouse like, your website has to relate more to Brighton rock and look good all the way through.

Cavespider, more than just a first impression.


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