I occasionally have to visit London for meetings and it serves to remind me just how good not being in London is. So why do people rave about it?

Is it the buzz, the cost, the noise and pollution... Who knows. What I do know is that by not being in London we save a tonne of money on rents, commuting, parking, congestion charges, rates, food, should I go on? This means what we charge for our services is regularly a fraction of the price charged by some London based agencies.

It is not just about cost. Operating in the comparatively quiet parts of Surrey does, really, allow us to focus. I can wonder outside occasionally, walk on the lawn, look at a vista of trees and flowers, even hear bird song. A moment to get ones head together and mentally plan a way forward. Try that in central London sometime...

We do have the advantage that a great proportion of our business is done online.

I expect there are advantages to being based in London. But from my perspective, I don't see it.

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Photo: by Crispin Jones

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