Have you ever spoken to a web developer and come away wondering if you speak the same language? Not helpful if there is something you want and don't seem to be able to communicate.

Like many specialist businesses web development and all that goes with it have a language all of their own, or so it appears. We are our own worst enemies as some seem to think talking gobbledygook makes them look clever and knowledgeable. But the effect is rather the reverse and, more to the point, is not helpful. Unfortunately many of the businesses themselves seem to thrive on this mysteriousness with terms like Warp frameworks, CMS, Bootstrap and so on. All completely meaningless to the average customer.

We at Cavespider like our customers to know what we're talking about. We find it helps getting the right result for them. So lets start here, CMS stands for Content Managed System. This is a system which is designed to allow you to manage the content of your website via an easy to use series of web pages or interfaces. There are many such systems, we generally prefer using one called Joomla! as it offers us the power and flexibility to make bespoke websites with a customisable administration area. But the are other, some of which we have or could use. Wordpress is one of the most popular but there is Drupal, Concrete5, Cake, Magento. Many are designed for specific types of website, something like ZenCart is intended for ecommerce websites. Wordpress was designed for easy to manage Blogs, does rather more now. So it is important the the right 'CMS' is chosen for your website.

Javascript is a coding language that will add many of the extra features websites now use. So something like a pop up box, often called a Modal window, will be driven by a combination of these Javascripts. In the case of a Modal window probably jQuery and a script specific to the type and style of window of which there are many.

Frameworks, these often come with off the shelf themes you can buy to go with your CMS package to provide a quick solution to your website. We don't use these themes but we do sometimes use a given framework, in our case often one called Bootstrap. A framework is a combination and files that serve different purposes such as function, layouts and many other aspects. The framework provides the basis to build the website from.

I'm going to stop there as quite frankly this could turn into a book. But the point is we want you to understand what we're talking about.

Communication only works if you speak the same language

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