Recently someone commented on our websites, "how do you get them so clean looking?". This was someone attempting to build their own with a theme they had acquired.

Even the best themes can only ever be a compromise. They have to cater for the widest possible user base, or they wouldn't be profitable. If you're not used to working out layouts and start putting pictures or videos where the theme hadn't catered for them or using all sorts of different type styles and sizes then things will quickly deteriote into a mess. You may well end up looking at the resulting website and wonder where you went wrong and why doesn't it look like the Theme website said it would. 

Though it will certainly cost you more to hire a professional web developer the result will be one you can confidently let your clients see. When we design a web site we like to look at the way you like to work. So, for example, if you like to scatter pictures throughout your content then we ensure that when you do that it works and looks good. We could even add something that automatically zooms the picture up when some clicks on it. In fact there is all sorts of things we can do to make your life easier and your website look and stay looking good.

Cavespider, the professional web people.

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