Templates or themes are often an effective and low cost way of getting your business website live. That isn't the problem...

As has been mentioned before we specialise in bespoke websites, sites that have been designed and produced specifically for the customer. It will be unique and no one else will have a website like it. 

But many will look the off-the-shelf theme or template for their website.

There are literally thousands of themes and templates you can choose from for your website. Choose it, install it, fill in the boxes and hey presto, you have a website. What could be wrong with that? 

We see what is wrong with websites clients have asked us to look at and update the design, technology or what ever. The first issue often is the content, the website was built just a few years ago maybe. More content has been added, maybe a blog, new products or services all good stuff and exactly what the website was for. But when it comes to redesigning the site we often find that the content is contained in the theme's/template's structure rather than the CMS's (content management system, Joomla, Wordpress) structure. This could and generally does make it impractical to transfer or use the existing content. Which means starting again which is a total and sometimes massive waste of time for everyone.

Keeping the above in mind over the years technology moves on. It becomes uneconomical for the theme's developers to continue to support your particular theme. You then find you can't get compatible updates for the latest and secure version of your CMS. No workable upgrade path has been provided so you're stuck with what you have and it's probably now being hacked on a regular basis, sound familiar?

All the websites built by Cavespider use the core structures for the content of your website. Updating the design or 're-skinning' the website to give it a whole new look in future years would be no problem, even by someone else.

A website should be for life.

Cavespider, being futureproof

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