It had to happen, Monday evening finally arrived followed inevitably by Tuesday morning. But, at the risk of being smug, I love my work and can't wait to be sat down in front of my computer working on a new project.

Some of you have the prospect of trains into town with the crowds and the noise. Possibly to a job that pays the bills and little more. Well there is an answer.

Nearly 30 years ago I resigned from a job that was just like that to start my own business. It hasn't always been easy, in fact it has never been easy. It has been something I have never regreted. 

When I did that there wasn't an internet that was of any commercial use and no such thing as an internet connection. But we did still do work for companies all over the world using modems to connect our systems together. I forgot to mention, there wasn't Windows or Mac OS then either. So everything took a little longer to achieve and a great deal more technical knowldegde than it does now.

Enough of the nostalgia, the point is I do a lot of work for new start ups. Where is the best place to introduce to the world, The World Wide Web of course. This is where people will look for the service or product you are offering and about the only way to reach such a large audience in such an effective way.

Just wish I had that when I first started...

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