We are now officially crew sponsors for the Clipper Around the World Race. How about that?

The crew member we are sponsoring is Trudi Bubb who is crewing aboard the UNICEF boat. I have known Trudi for some years now and I am aware of the journey she has taken to get to the point she can do this. Don't ever doubt the drive and commitment it takes to do what she has achieved. Getting to be a crew member is not about how much money you have. If that were the case it would end up being a jolly for the rich, it is not. To get to be a crew member you need to demonstrate your commitment, your 'why' and that you will make a real contribution to your crew. Experience is not a requirement.


As part of our sponsorship we have created a website to enable her to maintain a blog, a track of her progress around the world and lots of information about Trudi and what she is up to. The site is live now, but it will really wake up once she is out there on the high seas. http://trudibubb.com

Look Trudi up, she needs your support.

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