In principle a lot of small business websites are very similar. Though the way this is presented can and should be very different. Every now and then a project comes along that requires something different...

It is a real treat when a client says "can we do this?". The answer is nearly always yes. The most likely reason for a no is "is it legal?". The fun part is then working out how to make it happen. Some can be quite daunting at the outset but once we start working through it the possibilities begin to surface.

I would love to tell you all about some of the projects we are currently researching, but that would require breaking a confidentiality, we don't do that.

We have been doing this since 1994. If we had turned down every new challenge since then we would still be creating websites as we did then. Things have changed dramatically since then both from the way websites look and work but also how they are managed. Every new turn in the technology brings a new challenge, that's why doing this work is so good.

The picture is of me on top of Kilimanjaro

Cavespider, loving a challenge

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