I went to a BNI networking event last night run by Sutton BNI. Good do, well done guys. The question I got asked a lot was "how can I get more people to find my website?"


Firstly, Cavespider doesn't promote itself as an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist. More to the point we don't take on other developer's websites to work on their optimisation.

That is because a big part of SEO is built into the core of a website. A bit  like someone asking to change the bricks on the house they have had built. We build SEO into the structure of the website.

Saying that there is a lot you can do to improve your website's search performance, but there are no tricks that will magically get you onto the first page. Please don't believe, less pay, someone who tells you they can. 

The prime thing to do, assuming your website is useable and presentable, is to drive traffic to your site. A busy restaraunt is rarely empty. The more traffic that your website gets the more it will get and, assuming the relevant trackers are in place, the higher up Google will place you. That is the basics of it all.

Google and other searches are companies, like you, are wanting to do the best by their clients. Which means they look for websites that will forfill the clients wishes. So look at yours and do you think people would enjoy and benefit from visiting your website.

We would of course be very happy to talk to you about this further and how we can help.

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